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The Heidi May Voiceovers web site communicates to visitors and clients, welcoming those who are seeking high quality and professionalism in voiceover services..

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The materials on the web site of Heidi May Voiceovers have been prepared for informational purposes only. Heidi May Voiceovers makes no warranties as to accuracy or timeliness, express or implied, regarding the material posted on the site. Opinions are those of the authors of resource materials posted here. All materials must be subjected to evaluation by the reader and not relied upon as professional advice. With these materials, as with all internet resources, please use computer literacy criteria such as:
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  • Is the author qualified? An expert?
  • Who is the sponsor?
  • Is the sponsor of the page reputable? How reputable?
  • Is there a link to information about the author or the sponsor?
  • If the page includes neither a signature nor indicates a sponsor, is there any other way to determine its origin?

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